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Your go-to guide for connecting to your loved ones in Spirit


I believe that anybody can communicate with the spirit world, and I have shown this time and time again through my teachings. Not everyone will want to do it or believe in it, but it's nevertheless something that anybody can do.

This website is designed to accompany my go-to guide The Room Next Door. The guide is exactly what it says,  a guide. It is not a one-stop shop to all things mediumistic. If you have purchased the book, access to the on-line videos are free and so are some meditations are free, webinars are free or cost a minimal amount. Please take every advantage you can of the tools on this website to further your mediumship and remember these 3 little words

Commitment Commitment Commitment

Work with the spirit world and let the spirit people work with you on your own journey 

The Room Next Door

Why not find out more more about connecting with your loved ones in the spirit world with your own copy of The Room Next Door.


Please use the PayPal Order button below to order your personalised, signed copy of my book. Don't forget to leave your mailing details on the PayPal Checkout notes.

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Andrew Dee is a retired British military communications officer of 22 years standing. A married father of two boys, he lives on    the Wirral, Merseyside - for now. 

Following a spiritual encounter whilst serving his country in Basra, Iraq, Andrew left the military in 2008 to follow his higher calling. 

Today he performs evenings of mediumship, as well as offering one-to-one private consultations for his global clients. 

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